Why you should put a ‘spring’ in your step?

Spring into Preparation

Preparation is key when you’re looking to buy a house. There’s no point jumping into viewings if you haven’t got everything in place, as chances are you could miss out on the home of your choice.  Having a mortgage in principle doesn’t just show that you are in the best position when it comes to making an offer, but you will have a clear idea of what you can afford.

Spring off your Bum

Scrolling through the internet is a good way to start but is no way to view properties.  A website will only tell you part of the story of a home and you will make presumptions about the rest.  The reality of a property can be extremely different from its online listing; you may not be a major a fan from the photographs, but step through the door and that feeling hits you, the one that lets you know that this must become your home.

Spring through our door

Why are you not registered with us?  We won’t bombard you with mindless emails with properties that are of no interest what so ever.  We want to be the agent that finds you that home, and knowing what you want means we can go out and try and find it.  Yes, we actually look for suitable properties for our clients, these could even be with sellers who hadn’t thought about moving, until the moment we approached them.

Another advantage of being registered is that we can get you through the door of a property before it hits the open market.  Being one of the first to view means you can potentially be one of the first to offer.


Spring out of your list

When you start to look for a property you may have put together a detailed list of what you want, but is that what you need?  It’s always good to view a wide variety of properties; that way, you can start to iron out what’s really important to you.  You may have considered location essential but on viewing realise that room sizes are what matter most. 

As we get to know more about you, we may push you to view a property that is nothing like what you imagined buying.  Trust us, you may be completely surprised by what awaits you.  By sticking rigidly to your list of requirements, you may miss out on the opportunity of something completely wonderful that you never imagined.

Spring into buying

If you’re thinking of buying this year, head into it with a ‘spring’ in your step and you could be enjoying the summer months in your new home.  To find out more about registering with us, call now on:

Clarendon Park: 0116 274 5544

Oadby: 0116 271 3333

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