The one thing you should be obsessed with when selling your home

Every day, up and down the country millions of us are spending hours online. But our obsession isn’t a new pair of shoes – although that would be nice too!  We’re property addicts, nosing at our neighbour’s property that has just come onto the market, browsing the homes that only a lottery win could buy, and generally just loving property.  When it comes to finding a new home, we put an enormous amount of effort into requesting alerts and listening for any mention of someone thinking of selling. Surely you also become a little obsessed with finding the right estate agent to sell your home, too?

People choose an estate agent for many reasons; often it’s on a whim, or they believe they’re getting a good deal.  There are those who carefully undertake research and assess each agent to ensure they are the right fit for them and their home, but sadly not everyone takes the same care in finding an estate agent for their biggest asset.

eBay or expert?

We are certain you wouldn’t place a valuable heirloom for sale on eBay without giving it some thought.  Certainly you would get it appraised by an expert in their field to ascertain its true value.  You would seek advice on the best way to sell, and you’d want to have faith that the company you choose will work hard to achieve the best possible price for you.  So why not put the same energy, if not more, into doing the same for your home?

Passion detective

As you’re actively searching for your next home, take a look at properties on the market similar to yours, and those that have recently sold.  Who is the agent?  You will start to see a pattern in which agents are successfully selling properties in your area.  This is a great starting point, but to find out more take a look at their website and read up on the services they offer.  Selling a property isn’t just about getting an offer, but how the process is handled through to competition.

Take a buyer’s view

As a seller, you want to ensure that your agent is actively chasing every buyer, so why not simply give them a call to enquire about a property?  Is your call answered or returned?  Are your details taken so they can follow up, and do they enquire about you, your needs and circumstances?  Remember, potential buyers may pass your property by if they feel they’re being neglected by an agent.

Area ambassadors

Selling a property from afar is one thing, it’s quite another to have someone who is just as invested in the community as you are.  We love where we live and work, which is why we started Love Oadby TV, celebrating local businesses and events happening in our community.  This has been received so well that we’ve extended it to also produce Love Wigston TV. Our team recently supported the LOROS Hospice Twilight Walk, which was a fantastic evening.

How does this benefit you?  Well first off, we’re a local agent so we walk the same streets, know many of the same people, and personally appreciate the beauty of living here.  But more than that, our videos start conversations, and conversations build interest. Word of mouth marketing is as powerful as ever, both online and off.

No one size fits all

Advertising and marketing property should never be approached with a one size fits all methodology.  For a start, no two homes or owners are the same.  Your circumstances could require a quick sale, or you may wish to sell discreetly.  Your home might be a work in progress, or showcasing the finest of finishes.

You and your property deserve an agent who doesn’t stick to the standard estate agency tools but decides on an individual basis what will work best to get your property sold.

Be obsessed

When it comes to selling your home, you should be a little obsessed with finding the right estate agent.  Securing your listing is a privilege and if we’re not experienced in selling similar properties, if we don’t treat buyers with the same vigour as we would a seller, if we don’t demonstrate our passion for the area, and if we treat you and your property the same as the every other, then we don’t deserve to be your agent.

Let us show you how our obsession with property can provide you with a wonderful experience when selling your home.

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