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How Big is Your Home?

How Big is Your Home?

New research from Barclays Mortgages reveals over half (57%) of British homeowners don’t know the size of their home and one in four don’t understand what a square foot is.

However, one third consider property size more important than location in choosing their home, 38% wish they had moved into a bigger property and 37% plan on improving their homes in 2020 to create more space.

In 2019 in England and Wales the average internal size of a detached property sold was 1,249 sqft, just under half the size of a standard tennis court, while the average terraced property is on par with the size of a badminton court (880 sq ft).

Price per square foot is a useful indicator for vendors pricing property or buyers comparing different properties. Check out average price per square foot figures in your area in Inform, in the ‘Local sales’ tab, under ‘Average prices’. The first chart shows average prices. Click the ‘property price’ button below the chart to show price per square foot.

At 59 sq ft, the smallest house in the UK is in Conwy, Wales. The property was lived in until 1900 when it was declared unfit for human habitation.

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