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A New Yorker’s guide to buying a property in Oadby

I’ve just returned from an incredible few days in New York City. Like many people visiting the city that never sleeps, we tried to pack in as much as we could to maximise our short stay. When you start your search for a new home, how can you maximise your search for the greatest success? Here is my New York-inspired guide to buying a property in Oadby.

Start spreading the news

As the famous song about the city begins, your search should also start with spreading the news. Register with local estate agents and let us help by doing some of the hard work for you. We can keep you informed of new properties before they come onto the market, helping you be one of the first to view a property.

Central Park

Buying a property is just like taking a walk through Central Park – the landscape is vast, so entering can be daunting, and it can be easy to lose your way. We found that, although wandering through this incredible park was relaxing, we didn’t want to waste time. You can easily meander around the local property market without being prepared or having a plan, but the result may be frustrating and lead to you missing out on that place you want to call home.

Be clear on what you can realistically afford by getting a mortgage in principle. That way, when you find a property you’ll be in the best position to make an offer.


Pizza? You can’t visit New York without trying the pizza, and with toppings galore, stands versus restaurants, and dramatic variation in price, there are a wealth of decisions to make. Once you have a mortgage in principle, this gives you a starting point from which to start your search. Think also about location: where is it you want to live? You can often make changes to a property but you can’t change its location.

Yankee Stadium

A must for the boys and I was a trip to the Yankee Stadium, bur rather than watching a baseball game, we enjoyed a football match. What you expected us to see isn’t what we actually did. Just because you think you know what you’re looking for in a property, doesn’t mean it’s what you need. Be brave and see a variety of properties, from those in your comfort zone to the unexpected. This will help clarify exactly what you need from a property and where you’re willing to compromise.

The High Line

You have an idea of what awaits you when you venture onto the elevated linear park that is the High Line, but it’s more than what you imagined. Don’t take property details at face value, at Knightsbridge we try and tell you as much of a home’s story as possible. Viewing a property can’t be done through a screen; nothing compares to physically standing inside a house and getting ‘that’ feeling.

One World Observatory

They state that it’s “Above New York City and beyond all expectations,” and we didn’t know what to expect at One World Trade Centre. With memories of the past honoured, and Skypod elevators taking us up the 102 floors in 47 seconds, there was a mix of emotions. Going through the sales process is taking a step into the unknown; issues will arise, but with the right team around you, problems will be resolved quickly.

Buying a property can be overwhelming, so, just like the One World Observatory, we want your experience with us to be “beyond all expectations.”

Love Oadby

New York may be magical, but our hearts very firmly lie in Oadby. Because we love where we live and work, we want you to find your only little piece to call your own. When you decide it’s time to buy, come and speak to our team.

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