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4 kid-tastic tips for getting your entire family ready for moving

4 kid-tastic tips for getting your entire family ready for moving

Moving home can be stressful for us grownups and we have an idea what to expect, from making the decision to sell our house, to the excitement of finding a new home, and the rollercoaster of the sales process.  Your whole family are part of this new chapter of your life, so how can you ensure you get everyone ready to move?

It’s their move too

It’s important that they are as much part of the process as you are. You know your children and how much or how little information they are able to digest.  We have found that letting them know what’s happening from the start is the best course of action – you know how little ears can overhear something accidentally.

Although you know what you and your family need in a property, kids have a completely different perspective.  You want them to love their new home as much as you do, to make the transition easier.  So, where appropriate, get them involved in your property search, from looking online to viewings.  Even if they don’t view every property, let them see those you are serious about as, you never know, their unique outlook may just be the deciding factor to you putting in an offer.

Ease their fears

Kids often fear change, and a house move is a huge deal.  The sales process is long and complicated and after that initial buzz of finding your next home, their enthusiasm may start to drain as the weeks pass by.  No matter how far you’re moving, take a moment to visit the area every now and again so they can start to get used to it.  Playgrounds are a fantastic place for them to have fun but also meet and make friends with children who live close by.

If you’re moving to a new area, see if your children can do a taster session at local clubs.  This may get them enthused about a new activity, but also show them that there is lots on offer for them when you all move.

Make it their own

Moving to a new home means a new bedroom, so let them have some fun helping decide how to design it.  You may want to let them search for ideas on the internet or show them cool designs you have seen in a magazine.  Taking them on a shopping trip to see different beds, paint and furniture will allow them to use their creativity but also help to keep them focused on moving forward rather than dwelling on what they are leaving behind.

Packing can be fun

Starting to pack up their room can turn an adventure into reality, which can bring up many emotions.  One of the fun ideas we have picked up along the way is the ‘special box’.  Give them a cardboard moving box and let them decorate it any way they want.  In it, they should place all their most precious things, this box then travels with them into their new home – then, when they arrive, they have their special box and most precious things with them, making their new room feel like home sooner rather than later.

Having families ourselves we know what a big deal moving can be, and we hope our advice will help you all enjoy the journey to your new home.  If you and your family would like more advice on moving home, pop into one of our branches for a chat, and bring the kids too!

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